Sea Salt Spray Hair Texturizer

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You don’t need to be on the ocean to enjoy that alluring salt spray. Our sea salt spray for texturizing hair brings volume, texture, and fresh-from-the-beach waves to even the most landlocked locks. Sea salt turns frizzy or lank strands into perfect mermaid waves by bulking up your strands with tiny crystals. This gives structure (*hear "curl") to your tresses, giving them the perfect shape! Add in a bit of organic aloe vera for moisturizing and nourishing your strands and you've got the perfect formula for mermaid vibes year-round! 🌿 Always Cruelty Free! 🌿 High Quality - Doesn't Squeak! 🌿 Always Cruelty Free! 🌿 Made in the USA with organic & natural ingredients. 🌿 Paraben free and color safe.